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Typical White Plains Pest Control Problems

In White Plains, residents face frequent ant problems. When ants wake up from hibernation in the springtime, they’re hungry for food and will go anywhere that offers them sustenance. Whether the ants were hibernating underground in Saxon Woods, Gardella Park, or outside of residential properties, they will happily make the trek to find sweet foods, bread, and water once awake. 

Most ants are fairly harmless, such as sugar ants and pavement ants. They don’t do much long term damage. Carpenter ants, however, can create major problems for homeowners. They chew tunnels through wood. If firewood, fencing, or wooden construction materials are close to the home, carpenter ants can use those materials for nesting. They are then drawn to food and water inside the home. To avoid both ants and carpenter ants, keep branches and other materials a few feet from the home. Keep kitchens clean and fix any leaky pipes. As the temperatures fluctuate during the ever-changing seasons, you can bet on Fox Pest Control when it comes to protecting your home and yard year-round.

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Our Connection to White Plains

Rafael Villanueva, a Fox technician, has been to White Plains multiple ties. Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he went to the Westchester County Center every year to watch WWE wrestling. As a wrestling superfan, the matches were a highlight of his year. After the match, he’d often get food with friends at Nesto’s Pizza and Deli. Pizza and pasta is always a great way to end a good night! 

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